About US

Oceanic Media Productions is an association of high professionals and creative engineers working together in any kind of event nationwide. We are one of the leading production companys in the market, produce Event and Media  according to your budget.

Our Approach

We understand that you have a plan the way how your event has to be produced. But some time things can slip-away from  your hand. By hiring Oceanic Media Productions, you will be safe and peace of mind to execute your event in a professional and ambitious  way.


There are many events every days, every weeks every months. But there are certain events in your life is unique and once. That cannot be make again if you missed to add on any glitters in it.  If you wish to have some excitements in between your event  with Video walls Lightnings or Sound but you do not know how to do. We are here to create the ambitious themes to full fill the possible way.

Our Story

We are not just supplying equipment  for rental basis, our Creative Technical Engineers will consult your event requirements and submit you the right Configurations. That is the way you will be in  budget with the sufficient requirements.

Our Work Flow

Discussions- Designs- Assigns-Operations -Take Off

Meet the Team

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