Avolites new Arena lighting console

Lighting and video control specialist Avolites is going all out with a brand new stand designed to echo the coherence of the current Titan and Ai product ranges.

This will feature two specific areas, focusing on Network functionality and Lighting and Video integration.  Avolites’ stand D10 will promote

a compatible family of products which all work intuitively together.

In addition, new software in Titan version 9.1, featuring enhanced pixel mapping functionality, fully custom Key Frame Shape engine and fully featured theatre functionality.

More live control than ever before…

The Avolites Arena is the ideal desk for festivals, theatres and anywhere that a larger control surface is required. It combines the popular interf

ace of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before.

Alongside the vibrant main display, a second touch screen provides an additional workspace window, also labelling the adjacent macro buttons and rotary pots. These fully assignable playback encoder pots, allow intuitive control of channels and effects. The six LCD screens display electronic legends for 30 faders, for speedy access to all your playbacks, fixtures and palettes. A brand new optical output means the Are

na is equipped for fibre connections, with no signal loss over long distances, from front of house to the stage – essential in large and outdoor venues.

Offering seamless Multi User compatibility, the Arena can be used as master, back-up or extra programming surface, considerably cutting your programming time by allowing multiple Titan programmers to work simultaneously, before the main console takes charge.

Avolites Sapphire Touch & Sapphire Touch fader wing

Performance engineering for instant live access

The Sapphire Touch is high performance, with more submasters, more flash and executor buttons, and the power to control the larger, more challenging shows.

Program with two wide screen touch monitors offering a huge workspace area, expandable further still with Sapphire Touch and Sapphire Media Wings.

Tricolour optical trackball indicates fixture colour or functionality with unique ‘Saturn Ring’ control, giving X,Y,Z axis control simultaneously.

Chauvet Professional Intelligent Lighting Fixtures

 Chauvet Professional Lighting Fixtures

Q-Wash 436Z

Chauvet Q-Wash 436Z

LED Moving Head Wash Fixture

Rogue R1 Moving Head LED Spot Fixture

Rogue R1 Spot brings innovation and creativity with a rotating 3-facet prism for stunning aerial effects, a motorized iris and focus for beam shaping, as well as two gobo wheels, one of which rotates and has 7 interchangeable gobos for custom looks. Rogue R1 Spot shines brightly with a 16.5° beam angle for crisp gobo projections in a range of eight beautiful colors.

 Moving Head LED Wash & Spot Intelligent Lighting Fixtures

Chauvet Q-Wash 419Z LED Wash Fixture

Q-Wash 419Z-LED is a moving yoke wash using 19 15-watt quad-colored RGBW LEDs. It produces a full range of bold saturated colors and variable whites. Built-in color macros and three individually controlled LED zones make for great visual effects. Q-Wash 419Z-LED has 16 bit dimming curves and a versatile 12.5° to 45° zoom, making it excellent for the demands of the production, touring, theatrical, installation and corporate rental markets.


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Transition from your LED Panels to your Moving Head Fixtures with NEXT

Chauvet LED NEXT Moving Head Fixtures



Chauvet NEXT Moving Head LED Fixtures

Next NXT-1 is a moving head LED panel with 25 pixel-mappable quad-color RGBW LEDs that brilliantly display pixel mapped images and punch through haze. The fast movement of the panel and rapid response of the narrow-beam LEDs let designers create engaging eye candy that enhances any live production. This fixture comes with built-in dynamic and static patterns and alpha-numeric characters for easy programming. Next NXT-1 runs on Art-Net, Kling-Net, and DMX protocols; and can be controlled with lighting consoles or media servers, providing the ultimate in flexible control integration options.




 DJ Lighting Equipment for Sale

Chauvet DJ Lighting






Chauvet Laser Lights for DJ Shows & Club Installations

Chauvet Scorpion Dual

Scorpion™ Dual provides you with dual FAT BEAM™ aerial effect laser, perfect for events with fog or haze. The unique dual mirror output makes a great centerpiece or side accent in pairs and includes 32 built-in patterns, including the popular “Laser Sky” effect. Generate customized and ever-changing laser shows using programmable pan, tilt, and zoom effects with separate X, Y, and Z rolling effects and scan speed adjustment. Easily operate in automatic, Master/Slave, manual or sound-activated mode or wireless control using the included IR remote.


Great Looking Lasers at Competitive Prices!



LED Wash Fixtures for Special Events

Battery Operated LED Wash Fixtures


Freedom™ Par Hex-4

The Freedom™ Par Hex-4 is the most colorful model in the next generation of the Freedom™ Par family. It has four 10-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs for that extra punch and the special effects that white and UV add to color mixing. It has a special limiter option for extending battery life so that when you use more than 4 colors you know you’ll get a good long show! The Freedom™ Par Hex-4 comes in black or white housing so it fits into any décor and travels safely while charging using the Freedom™ Charge 9 road case.

Accent Lighting for Special Events

Rechargeable Cordless Stand Alone Operation


Professional Case Pack Gig Ready

Rechargeable LED Wash Accent Lights

Freedom™ Charge 9

Freedom™ Charge 9 is the perfect solution for safely transporting and charging your Freedom™ Par fixtures. This durable, rolling road case easily handles all the punishment a mobile entertainer can throw at it. When the gig is over, simply connect the fixtures to the internal charging module and use the external plug to connect directly into standard wall voltage. The next day, your fixtures are fully charged and ready to go again. Each case holds up to 9 Freedom™ Par Tri-6, Freedom™ Par Quad-4 or Freedom™ Par Hex-4 fixtures with enough space for all power cables

4 Pack in Road Case Charges in the Case!



Battery Operated Accent & Truss Warming Lights

Battery Operated LED Accent & Truss Warmer Lighting Fixture

EZWedge™ Tri

EZWedge™ Tri is a battery-operated, tri-color LED wash light that fits perfectly inside TRUSST® Goal Post and Arch Kit truss systems. The rechargeable, lithium battery lasts up to 20 hours from a single charge, and you can easily check the battery status with the built-in battery life indicator. It attaches to 35-mm truss without the need for a bracket, using M10 or M12 threaded rig points. Its flicker-free operation is suitable for on-camera use and it provides smooth dimming with built-in dimming curves. Easily control static colors and automated programs with the included IRC-6 remote, or create any color without DMX by using the built-in digital display and build coordinated light shows by linking other tri-color LED fixtures in Master/Slave mode.


Truss Warmers for Corporate Shows, Clubs, Concerts, & Special Events!!!!!!!!!!!







Vintage Speakers





Entertainment Industry Lighting Products & Parts


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