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Our job is acoustic system and installation for any application like ..Auditorium, Banquet halls, Church, Studio, Home, Restaurants, Hotels etc.

Wherever you are not comfortable with your imbalanced sounds, we recommend you to install solutions. By having accurate measurements by our creative engineers,  you have solved half of your acoustic issues

We Just don’t installs panels, we install the actual solutions that requires to satisfies you. We are also providing after services for any application.


After special processing equipment to form wave shape, pyramid shape or wedge shape. They have function in sound attenuation ,sound-absorbing, sound insulation and shock absorption.Small pores inside and half open pore structure can absorb a large number of acoustic energy coming to achieve acoustic attenuation effect, They can reduce interference and echo of indoor reflections, they can improve the purity of sound; They are high performance products of  sound-absorbing and noise reduction.

Decorative Acoustic Panels

In any scenery of decorative acoustic panels can be custom made according to your applications

3. Principle

They have a large number of internal and external unicom pore and bubble, when the sound waves incident to them, they can cause  air vibration in the pores due to air viscous drag. Air and pore friction, making quite a number of sound energy changing into heat energy to be consumed. In addition, when the air adiabatic compression, ongoing heat exchange between air and wall of hole, because the heat transfer effect, which also can make part of the sound energy change into heat energy.

4. Application Range

1, Home decoration wall, roof insulation sound insulation, reduce noise of the street subway;

2, KTV entertainment places, recording studios, television studios, theaters, television stations, radio stations;

3, Laboratory, piano room, sound insulation, sound-absorbing processing;

4, The cabin, engine room sound-absorbing insulation, cold storage temperature, the generator room, pump room noise reduction.

5, Automobiles, home appliances, office electronic equipment, shipbuilding and other industries.

 Installation method

Our Highly Experienced engineers installs in a great appearance way to suit your interior look elegant.