Video Wall Rental USA

Video Walls takes your event in a different level, if you you have a creative technical consultant can help you with its possibilities and impacts.

Video wall displays are considered a high impact technology. When they are done right, they can grab your audience’s attention right away. This investment gives you the ability to put your events up in lights.

We have 4K resolution Video Walls to support your events indoor as well out door.


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Professional LED HD Video Panels


With a pixel pitch of 5.2 millimeters, PVP S5 video panel boasts a higher resolution than PVP S7, enabling even shorter viewing distances. It, too, is fitted with black face SMD LEDs and performs admirably when presenting live videos and highly defined graphics for presentation at close range or from afar.


                 Chauvet HD Video Panels

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Professional Atmosphere, Fog, & Haze Machines

Professional Hazer Machines

Amhaze II

Amhaze II is a road-worthy, pro quality water-based haze machine suited for large-scale applications. It is built specifically to function with the industry’s wide variety of water-based haze fluids, and features a durable, low-profile road case to survive the rigors of touring and production. Haze output and speed can be easily adjusted via DMX or the LCD screen, and the unit comes equipped with an M13 threaded insert for hanging in any location

The Appeal of Video Wall Displays

  • Create a slideshow for your wedding
  • Implement exciting graphics during your event.
  • Highlighting students during prom

This Video Explains how the graphics works with the show.