Hello Houston,

Relax with ‘Hello Houston’

Evet Date: August 31st, 2024,          Venue: Stafford Civic Center              Time:  6 PM


More than 120 -minutes show-unique way of presentation with Pro singers & dancers


Professional Artists performing music and dances in a dramatic way followed by narrated content connected to the DMX, LED, and Video wall.

Concept of the program

The whole event assigned and program flow like a movie.

sponsorships. The program brings a spectacular experience and excitement by its interactive technology and professional performance. Narration given by professional artists. This engages the audience by providing a unique experience via a blast.

Artists including from America got talent and various cities and states.

Crew & Talents

Singers, Dancers, solo performers. 25 + members of crew including Performers, Directors, and technicians.

Equipment included.

Video Wall

30’ X 12’ Video wall Full width, technician, and assistant,

Sound system

Sound engineer and assistant.

DMX & light

Programmer and technicians.


Event Director, Stage Manager, Event Coordinator