A well-orchestrated light show can have a major impact on the success of DJ sets or live shows. While most venues have functional house lighting systems, relying exclusively on the venue’s equipment leaves you at their whim, limited in what you can accomplish. For the top quality and control of your show ligCustomizehts, nothing beats using your own equipment, and the best way to control a complex network of stage fixtures is with an intelligent lighting system.
Our Production crew make sure your show goes like a TV show
Audio Productions for event

Audio is one of the major roles in any event.

  • Power Audio Intro Productions for event
  • Entry Audio Creation
  • Gap filler Audio
  • Special Audio effects for Highlights
Video Productions for event
  • Power Video Intro productions on video wall 
  • Power video Intro Productions for event
  • Creation for entry Video Registration
  • Gap filler Video
  • Special Graphic effects for Highlights
Lighting Programs for the event

Organises your gigs, plays your backing tracks, runs on your show, and controls your audio track leaving you free to concentrate on a great performance!

DMX Fixture Shows.